Since the 1990's, we have led the effort to give the people music in the purest form at the touch of their fingers. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major outlet for music around the globe. Our staff and their combined effort throughout the years made connections and friendships that created Push978Radio and made it what it is.


Our Mission

PUSH978RADIO serves the entire country with progressive perspectives, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to diverse communities and unserved or underserved groups.

PUAH978RADIO programming shall place an emphasis on providing a forum for non-corporate and neglected perspectives and discussions on important local, national and global issues while giving the music back to the people.

PUSH978RADIO's arts, cultural, and music programming shall cover a wide spectrum of expression from traditional, Commercial, Non-Commercial, Underground and more. reflecting the diverse cultures PUSH978RADIO serves. PUSH978RADIO shall strive for spontaneity and program excellence, both in content and technique.

Push978Radio has helped accomplish all of its partners’ major music outreach goals. They inspire everyone to appreciate their own local artist, earning the name “The people’s Radio”.
— Matt sekayi, Cinematographer / A&R